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Curricula and Lesson Plans

Food Science Curriculum  ( pdf | 2.2 MB )

Illinois Board of Education.

Curriculum for high school students that focuses on the different aspects of food science.

University of Missouri Extension. Family Nutrition Education Programs.

Nutrition education curricula and other teaching materials for students in grades Pre-K to 8th grade as well as teenage mothers and adults.

Leafy Greens Council.

Includes lesson plans for grades 3-5 that incorporate language arts, math, science/health and social studies in activities that increase student understanding of nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables and promote an increase in their consumption.

Minnesota Department of Health.

Four age appropriate handwashing curricula for ages preschool to adult. Includes, activities, projects, posters and songs.

Iowa State University Extension.

These food safety lessons were developed to provide consumers and future consumers with the tools they need to help minimize their risk from harmful pathogens in the food supply.

National Food Service Management Institute.

Lesson plans developed for child care providers to train staff on providing nutritious meals for young children including cost-effective shopping, family-style meals, food intolerance and allergies, food safety, portion sizes, and more.