Fruit and Veggie Pages for...

Fruit and Veggie Pages for ...

Find fruit and veggie resources, materials, and programs for specific audiences including kids, parents, and teachers.

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Resources for Kids



California Avocado Commission.

Educates children about avocados and their role in a healthy diet. Includes resources for parents and teachers, and in Spanish.

Washington Apple Commission.

Interactive site dedicated to teaching children about apples and their effect on health status.

Washington Apple Education Foundation.

An educational site providing information for children about eating a balanced diet. Includes educational activities.

Sydney Markets Limited.

An interactive site dedicated to teaching children the importance of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Includes information for parents and teachers.

Produce For Better Health Foundation.

Provides a variety of educational tools such as activity books, coloring sheets, and useful links to help children learn how to increase fruit and vegetable intake.