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General Information and Resources for Weight and Obesity

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

After decades of increases in the obesity rate among U.S. adults and children, the rate recently has dropped among some populations, particularly young children. What are the factors responsible for these changes? How can promising trends be accelerated? What else needs to be known to end the epidemic of obesity in the United States?

Table of Contents

Front Matter i-xiv
1 Obesity Trends and Workshop Overview 1-8
2 Two Decades of Obesity Prevention and Treatment 9-18
3 Early Care and Education 19-28
4 Business 29-36
5 Physical Activity 37-46
6 Treatment Challenges 47-54
7 Roles of the U.S. Department of Agriculture 55-60
8 The Roles of Foundations 61-66
References 67-74
Appendix A: Workshop Agenda 75-78
Appendix B: Acronyms and Abbreviations 79-80
Appendix C: Speaker and Facilitator Biographies 81-96

George Washington University. School of Public Health and Health Services.

Blog post with infographic that highlights obesity as a national epidemic, its financial impact on communities and the overall economy, and preventative measures that can be taken to affect change at a national level.

The Obesity Society.

Five facts sheets that provide current information on obesity based on scientific research.