Where can I find information on trans fat and how can I tell if certain foods have them

The trans fat content of a food item can be found by searching for the food item in the USDA's National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (link is external) and viewing the Full Report. Please note that the trans fat content is provided only if the food item contains trans fat.

  • To view the Full Report, you will follow the steps required to access the Basic Report, which is displayed when you search for a food item.
  • To search for a food item, enter the food item, click Go, and select the specific food item of interest.
  • On the page that is displayed, you will see Basic Report at the top, then Nutrient data for … (the food item for which you searched), then a line that offers 3 options:
    1. Return to Search Results
    2. Full Report
    3. Statistics Report
  • Click Full Report. On the page that is displayed, scroll down the the Lipids section. The trans fat content of the food item can be found in the row titled Fatty acids, total trans.

A resource from the FDA, Trans Fat Now Listed with Saturated Fat and Cholesterol on the Nutrition Facts Label (link is external), discusses trans fats and explains how you can identify which foods contain them. This resource is also available in Spanish (link is external).

Additionally, fatty acid totals are discussed on page 23 of the USDA National Nutrient Database for SR25 Documentation (link is external) (PDF | 420KB).

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