Where can I find weight and diet information for teens?

 The BMI uses height and weight to screen for obesity, overweight, healthy weight or underweight. Measuring BMI is a little different for children and teens than it is for adults because you may or may not still be growing.

If you have specific questions regarding your weight, we recommend contacting a healthcare provider who can help you decide what is healthy for you. For more information, see Lifecycle Nutrition > Teen Nutrition.

Also, check out What’s the Right Weight for my Height?(link is external), from MedlinePlus: Teen Health(link is external). This site allows to you to read more about BMI, and offers the Child and Teen BMI Calculator(link is external) specifically for people between the ages of 2 and 20.

After you enter your personal information (gender, birthday, height and weight) into the calculator, you can see your BMI. You can enter your height and weight as either inches and pounds, or centimeters and kilograms, so just make sure you select the method you prefer before calculating. It’s a good idea to discuss the results with your healthcare provider.

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