Food Safety

Children seeing, touching, and tasting produce

The International Life Science Institute (ILSI).

January 2012

Summarizes the tools available for the microbiological risk assessment of food including characterization of dose-response relationships, microbial growth models, food chain or specific process models, and tools for integrating data from various stages of the assessment.

European Food Safety Authority.

July 5, 2011

Assesses the risks of the pesticide imazapic. Describes the methods of analysis, mammalian toxicology, nature and magnitude of residues in plant crops, and conclusions.

World Health Organization.

January 2012

Presents a new approach to dietary exposure assessment for veterinary drug residues and provides a summary of food consumption data, worked examples, limitations to the approach, and recommendations. Also includes the report of the FAO/WHO stakeholder meeting regarding the review and update of the dietary exposure assessment principles and methods.

Department of Health and Human Services.

December 2011

Showcases the accomplishments of the Food Safety Working Group encompassing efforts made by the USDA, FDA, and CDC to improve research, industry guidance, and consumer awareness of food safety.