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4-H Military Partnership and Outreach Support Program

VerBrugge, M. K.; Hanson, JE
Kansas State University
Start date
End date
4-H Military Partnerships/Air Force Camps/Navy Camps Goal: A consortium of Land Grant University 4-H programs will create environments and offer experiences that promote positive growth and development for military connected youth and opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills in Citizenship, Healthy Living, and Science.Objective 1: To expand 4-H opportunities (4-H clubs, camps, special projects) for military connected youth on installations worldwide and geographically dispersed youth of National Guard and Reserve service members.Army Outreach Support Goal: To support the Army Child, Youth and School Services Healthy Lifestyle Initiative through foodservice staff training, assistance with menu implementation, and the development of food preparation activities for children and youth. Foodservice staff will increase their skills in healthy cooking techniques, cost efficient food production, food safety, and kitchen management. Children and youth will be provided opportunities for learning about food preparation and nutrition.Objective 1: To provide two one-week training sessions for Army Child, Youth and School Services foodservice staff. Trainings will include developing skills in culinary techniques, nutrition, cost efficient food production, food safety, and kitchen management.Objective 2: To develop a food preparation program/curriculum for Army Child, Youth and School Services that meets and builds on the developmental needs of all children and youth in the Army child and youth programs.Navy Outreach Support Goal: Navy Child and Youth Programs staff will gain knowledge and skills in 4-H positive youth development and experiential learning.Objective 1: To provide 4-H trainings for Navy Child and Youth Programs staff members.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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