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Research Projects Database

The Food Safety Research Information Office (FSRIO) tracks food safety projects funded by federal, non-federal, private, and non-profit food safety organizations.

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Recent Projects

Project Summary Prototype Reporting and Veterinarian and Animal Owner Educational Materials forCases of Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria of Public Health Importance in CompanionAnimals Companion animals uniquely share their living environment with…
GoalDevelop a methodology for obtaining breadfruit flour, without affecting the nutritional composition, adhering to food safety and quality standards, improve the dietary habits and promote sustainable livelihood.ObjectivesTo develop locally…
Johne's Disease (JD) is one of the most significant problems in terms of animal health and food security. The potential linkage with Crohn's disease makes MAP a concern as a zoonotic and/or food-borne pathogen, causing problems for both national and…
The over-arching goal of this project is to develop an AI-powered vision-based robotic HTPP framework that is easily adaptable to various crop species (e.g., peanut, pine, soybean and cotton) and to different purposes (e.g., plant breeding, crop…
(1) Risk Assessment: Characterize food safety risks in food systems (2) Risk Communication: Convey science-based messages to stakeholders to improve food safety behaviors and practices