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Research Projects Database

The Food Safety Research Information Office (FSRIO) operates the Research Projects Database (RPD). The RPD tracks food safety research that is funded by FSRIO-partner agencies (identified as Funding Sources below). The funding agencies are listed in the order of funded projects. The RPD is also searchable by the Category of the funded projects and the primary Commodity group of the funded project.

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Recent Projects

The primary goal of this project is to gain a better understanding of the environmental factors, the genes and the molecular mechanisms controlling aerial root development, mucilage production and nitrogen fixation in the mucilage produced by aerial…
The honey bee, Apis mellifera, is the most important agricultural pollinator. Through pollination, they contribute at least $19.2 billion annually to the United States economy and they contribute an additional $4.74 billion through the honey…
PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACTThe objective of NASDA?s 2020 Annual Meeting is to provide information on current and emerging feedand food safety issues impacting agriculture, and to build consensus among the states on regulatoryapproaches to these issues…
Objective 1: Conduct laboratory and field tests to provide residue data needed to establish a tolerance on a specific commodity or to support a crop group tolerance.