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Research Projects Database

The Research Projects Database (RPD) provides current food safety research projects from both U.S. and international government, and non-government organizations.

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Recent Projects

Develop nitric oxide fumigation treatments as alternative methods to methyl bromide fumigation for control of microbes and insects on stored and fresh products.
The major goalof this project isto discover the connections, across ecological scales, betweenthe biology of insect vectors of disease and the risk of pathogen transmission. We focus on the organimsal biology of arthropod vectors, from the levels of…
In the short term, this program aims to increase the number of GAP-certified farmers in the Mileston cooperative; facilitate knowledge of and compliance with relevant FSMA requirements; increase sales through wholesale channels for participating…
The long-term goal of this project is to reduce the frequency of disease outbreakscaused by food and other environmental sources contaminated with enteric pathogens.Identification and removal of sources of contamination is key to achieving this goal…
Our project team will build a novel experimental platform and mathematical models that quantify the underlying mechanisms of wash water chemistry and pathogen transfer during produce wash cycles. Our main goals are to(i) Develop quntitative models…