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Research Projects Database

The Food Safety Research Information Office (FSRIO) operates the Research Projects Database (RPD). The RPD tracks food safety research that is funded by FSRIO-partner agencies (identified as Funding Sources below). The funding agencies are listed in the order of funded projects. The RPD is also searchable by the Category of the funded projects and the primary Commodity group of the funded project.

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Recent Projects

Food and You is the FSA’s flagship consumer survey measuring self-reported attitudes, behaviour and knowledge regarding food safety and other food-related issues (e.g. food allergies and intolerances, food security, eating outside the home). The…
The main goal of this project is to improve farm performance among South Carolina farmers by enhancing their financial literacy level.The specific objectives are enumerated as follows:1. To develop pedagogical tools to improve farmers' financial…
The long-term goal of the proposed seed project is to lower production costs and improve the competitive position of the US crawfish industry. An intermediate-term objective of this project is to evaluate crawfish automation in a commercial setting…
The presence of human enteric viruses like norovirus (NoV), hepatitis A virus (HAV), astroviruses (HAstV) and rotavirus (RV) in irrigation water has extensively been reported. However, the virological quality of process water used by the produce…
Understand the biology of gamete development, fertilization and embryogenesis including the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms.