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Research Projects Database

The Food Safety Research Information Office (FSRIO) operates the Research Projects Database (RPD). The RPD tracks food safety research that is funded by FSRIO-partner agencies (identified as Funding Sources below). The funding agencies are listed in the order of funded projects. The RPD is also searchable by the Category of the funded projects and the primary Commodity group of the funded project.

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Recent Projects

The major goal of this application is to generate a novel class of modified live virus vaccines against influenza that elicit broadly protective immune responses.Avian influenza virus (AIV) is a devastating diseasewith demonstrated ability to cause…
The goal of the proposed work is to enhance control over cross-contamination of environmental pathogens by developing tools and performance metrics around two methods: structured, standardized visual inspections and rapid, low-cost metagenomic…
Traditional microbiological culture for Legionella bacteria takes up to 14 days to provide a result. While some rapid methodologies have been developed they require 2-3 tests to be completed meaning it can take 3 days for a result and they also…
The overall objective of the proposed research is to determine the extent to which the two human pathogenic strains of L. monocytogenes employed in our current project are able to combat the intracellular accumulation of various organic acid anions…
Investigate the relationship between pest management technologies and the agricultural environment.