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Advanced Technologies for Reduction of Microorganisms and Particulate Matter in Food Processing

Hernlem, Bradley; Huxsoll, Charles; Robertson, George; Tsai, Lee
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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  1. Develop safe and efficient methods for disinfecting food processing waters, including methods for analyzing for disinfectant chemicals;
  2. Reduce the need for excess chlorine or chlorine dioxide by developing new methods for sterilization or pasteurization of food surfaces e.g., poultry, potato, etc.; and
  3. Reduce the microbial contamination in process fluids e.g., in poultry chillers and chiller brines, by new technologies, and systems of technologies for the removal of the contaminants.
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Achieve objective 1 by developing rigorous analytical methods that identify all active chemical species in food process fluids utilizing a combination of amperometric titration, ion-chromatography, capillary electrophoresis and ion selective membranes.

Achieve objective 2 by developing new atmospheric, gas-phase application methods optimizing disinfection through control of environmental parameters such as temperature and concentration.

Achieve objective 3 by invention and development of filtration, flotation, and electrolysis technologies alone or in combination, and through optimization of solution pH, ionic strength, flotation chemicals, and gas gas generation.

REPLACED: 5325-42000-016-00D.
Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
Project number
Bacterial Pathogens
Meat, Poultry, Game