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Aflatoxin Control in Pistachios: Biocontrol Using Atoxigenic Strains

Campbell, Bruce
University of California - Parlier
Start date
End date
Reduce contamination of pistachios by aflatoxin through control of A. flavus. The control of A. flavus will be attempted through dispersal of an atoxigenic strain, AF36, as a biocompetitor to displace toxigenic strains indigenous to pistachio orchards.

Apply AF36 to pistachio orchards using infected wheat kernels. Determine survivability of strain over the summer season in an orchard, irrigated by flooding, following an application of the strain the previous season. Apply AF36 to an orchard irrigated using microsprinklers. Identify isolates of A. flavus collected from treated orchards. Documents SCA with UC Davis. (Formerly 5325-42000-031-08S - 09/04).

Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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Nuts, Seeds