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Analysis of Pest Control Residues in Crops for IR-4 Minor Use Registration

Hapeman, Cathleen
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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Serve small farmers and commodity groups by providing laboratory data for EPA registration of pesticides for use in minor crops as well as some major ones.

The scope of IR-4, a program mandated and funded by Congress, increased dramatically with the extensive re-registration requirements of FIFRA'88. Currently, IR-4 is driven by FQPA (1996) and the need to replace banned and toxic pesticides with safer ones to the public and the environment.

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Approach: Use EPA approved and modified procedures to accurately measure pesticides in specific commodities. Test samples are received from EPA approved sites, carefully controlled to dosage, application, harvesting, and shipment. Samples are analyzed under EPA Good Laboratory Practices.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Natural Toxins
Sanitation and Quality Standards