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Analytical Modeling of High Pressure Shockwaves for Meat Processing

Solomon, Morse
Foster-Miller, Inc
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  1. Develop computational model of the fluid-structure interactions during hydrodynamic pressure processing (HDP).
  2. Apply this model to the different containment vessels used for HDP tenderization and disinfecting.
  3. Develop vessel design approach with boundary conditions.
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Task 1: FMI shall utilize the pre-processor HYPERMESH from Altair to create the mesh required for the analysis. FMI plans to generate the required mesh and assign mechanical properties to the various domains representing the water, explosives, container, meat and physical supports. The fidelity of the soft-tissue modeling will depend on the availability of suitable material properties. In the event that this information is not available either through ARS or in the literature, a suitable meat simulant shall be employed. The analytical results obtained during this task shall be compared with pressure history data available from the ARS to determine the accuracy of the theoretical results.

Task 2: Would begin with an identification of the HDP process parameters that are most critical to system performance. Simulations would be conducted in which these controlling parameters are varied across a range of values. In this way, design trends shall be elucidated in a systematic and controllable manner. From this study, methodology for vessel design would be formulated.

Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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