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BALTFOODQUAL - Unlocking Animal Food Quality Research Potential in Baltic Region by Developing Scientific and Technical Capacities of the Research Institute Sigra

Jemeljanovs, Aleksandrs
Latvia University of Agriculture
Start date
End date
The scope of the project is to develop S&T potential of the promising research centre of Latvia - Research Institute Sigra, in order to enforce high level research on animal feed and food quality in collaboration with research teams from other EU countries, as well as contribute to the development of research capacity of Baltic region and its integration in the European Research Area.

Long term objective:
To stimulate realisation of full research potential of the enlarged European Union by unlocking and developing existing research potential in one of the convergence regions Baltic.

Short term objectives:
1. To strengthen capacity of researchers of the Research Institute Sigra to participate at EU level in the research projects and activities on animal feed and food quality.

2. To improve technical capacity of the Research Institute Sigra to carry out high quality research on animal feed and food quality and their impact on consumers health.

Funding Source
European Commission
Project number
Legislation and Regulations
Bacterial Pathogens
Natural Toxins
Viruses and Prions
Chemical Contaminants