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Biennial Meeting 2020

Nutt, Elizabeth
Conference for Food Protection
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Conference for Food Protection Project SummaryThe Conference for Food Protection is a nonprofit organization established in 1971. The structure ofthe Conference provides a representative and equitable partnership of regulatory, industry, academiaand consumer professionals. The goal of the Conference is to identify problems, formulaterecommendations and develop practices that promote food safety and consumer protection. TheConference convenes a meeting every two years with work being carried on by committees and theExecutive Board between these biennial meetings.Food security concerns, the ever-changing world of foodborne illness, rapidly developing foodtechnologies and marketing innovations challenge all groups to work together.The success of the Conference is a function of its structure, its process and the expertise andcollaborative spirit of its members.A major focus of the Conference for Food Protection is collaborating with the USDA and FDA todisseminate information regarding food safety matters that fall under their jurisdiction.The Biennial Conference produces recommendations from three councils, with regard to the FDAModel Food Code, which the Conference for Food Protection?s Executive Director communicatesthrough a letter of recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration.
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Food and Drug Administration
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