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Biocontrol strategies to improve the microbiological safety of sprouts

Amalaradjou, Mary Anne
University of Connecticut
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Our long-term goal is to develop affordable, safe and user-friendly antimicrobial interventions for improving the microbiological safety of fresh produce, including sprouts. As a first step towards achieving our long term goals, our objective in this application is to develop probiotic based biocontrol strategies to improve the microbial safety of sprouts. The rationale underlying the investigation is that identification of potential probiotic candidates that can successfully reduce pathogen contamination on sprouts will help develop an effective alternative to currently employed antimicrobial interventions in the sprout industry. We plan to attain the objective of this application by pursuing the following specific aims:Objective 1: To determine the efficacy of probiotics as seed decontaminants for reducing Salmonella, EHEC and non-O157 STEC on alfalfa and mung bean seeds.Objective 2: To determine the efficacy of probiotics as a pre-germination wash for reducing Salmonella, EHEC and non-O157 STEC on alfalfa and mung bean sprouts during sprouting, sprout growth and post-harvest storage.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Escherichia coli