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BIOSAFENET - Biosafety Research Communication Network

Schiemann, Joachim
Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
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In the public debate on the bio-safety of genetically modified organisms (GMO), the results and even the existence of GMO bio-safety research are often ignored. As a consequence, the already established stable basis for a science-based discussion on GMO bio-safety is not fully explored in Europe and worldwide. The major aim of the project is to contribute to the information and discussion of the scientific issues related to bio-safety of GMO.

This important goal will be reached by formalising a network of European scientists working in the field of GMO bio-safety research by the following means:

  1. combining the biosafety information from various EU research programmes and existing European GMO bio-safety networks,
  2. integrating experts from new Member States and associated candidate countries in the EU-wide debate on GMO bio-safety,
  3. exploiting the tools of the International Society for Bio-safety Research in order to enhance the role of European experts in the international bio-safety debate,
  4. summarizing and disseminating research results from different fields of GMO bio-safety research for the scientific discussion as well as for policy makers,
  5. improving communication channels, and
  6. enhancing the presence of knowledge-based information on GMO bio-safety in the public debate.
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In addition, a major task is supporting the active participation of European experts in the biennial Symposia on the bio-safety of GMOs, which are the only internationally recognised symposia in this important field of research. BIOSAFENET will develop a platform for information and discussion about an extremely important field of biotechnology, thus augmenting the great potential offered by plant biotechnology for the long-term sustainability and technological development of safe agriculture and agricultural industry.

BIOSAFENET activities are coordinated with "Global involvement of public research scientists in regulations of Bio-safety and Agricultural Biotechnology (Science4BioR)".

For more information about this project, please visit the European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe Web site.

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