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Building The Capacity of The South Carolina Department of Agriculture Consumer Protection Division to Meet Compliance With The Manufactured Foods Regulatory Program Standards

London, Amy Howard
Michigan State Department of Agriculture
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Project Abstract: South Carolina Department of AgricultureThe South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) is seeking funding support for personnel,travel, training, equipment and supply costs needed to implement a comprehensive andintegrated food protection plan that will meet the objectives of the Manufactured FoodRegulatory Program Standards (MFRPS).SCDA Consumer Protection Division (CPD) has been involved in the process of MFRPScompliance since 2008. The primary obstacle impeding SCDA in achieving compliance to theStandards has been limitations in staffing levels. To overcome this barrier, this proposal for aCooperative Agreement includes funding for two additional full time employees (Year One) to beexclusively dedicated to the successful development of a MFRPS program.To reach MFRPS compliance within five years, the SCDA will hire one full time MFRPSProgram Coordinator to manage all programmatic activities related to MFRPS, including but notlimited to the development of a strategic action plan, improved stakeholder communications,educational outreach to industry, audit assistance and enforcement support, improvement of theDepartment's ability to coordinate trace back/trace forward efforts, and outbreakcommunications with the public. A second full time Administrative Assistant position to supportthe activities of the MFRPS Program Coordinator will also be added to the current staff throughthe proposed funding. The person in this position will be expected to execute the efficienttracking of inspections, complaints, audit findings, trainings, outreach activities, and any otherrelated information of this program.Achieving conformance with the MFRPS will enable the SCDA to ensure that nationalstandardized food safety objectives are met and that SCDA has staff and resources to bothenforce and advance these objectives.
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Food and Drug Administration
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