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CEFSER - Reinforcing Research Potential in the Laboratory for Chemical Contaminants at the Faculty of Technology Towards the Establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Food Safety and Emerging Risks

Skrbic, Biljana
Tehnološki fakultet Novi Sad
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Strategic objectives of the project is to reinforce the research capacities of the Laboratory for Chemical Contaminants (LabCHEMCONT) at the Faculty of Technology/University of Novi Sad, in order to establish a Centre of Excellence in Food Safety and Emerging Risks (CEFSER), strengthening its leading role in the regional research community. Food safety is currently one of the most important global issues that cannot be dealt with by individual but rather joint efforts, which means that harmonized approach to all food safety issues across scientific community, including the issue of emerging pollutants, is necessary.

LabCHEMCONT is an already internationally well-recognized research lab focused on detecting chemical contaminants in food. However, the existing equipment at LabCHEMCONT could not satisfy increasing stringent regulatory standards that require methods capable for highly sensitive and multi-residues sample analysis. In order to establish CEFSER, the first key issue is purchasing of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatograph, which is the latest breakthrough food safety system. Reinforcement of human potential will concomitantly accompany the equipment upgrade and it will be performed through trainings, exchange visits, workshops.

Developing strategic partnerships by networking with the researchers in EU Member States that have long term experience in the food safety and emerging pollutants analysis will support the CEFSER establishment as a modern laboratory capable to contribute to ERA significantly. Knowledge gained within the project will be disseminate at national, regional and European level (workshops, conferences, web site, training materials, etc). Forming a database on main issues in food safety and emerging pollutants will be a part of the project in order to facilitate communication between Balkan region and the rest of the Europe, contributing to the dissemination of scientific information and results of the past and ongoing research.

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Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)
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European Commission
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Chemical Contaminants
Education and Training
Bacterial Pathogens
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