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Cleaning and Disinfection of Lairage-to-stunning Areas in Abattoirs

Bristol University
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This research project aims to assess the construction and management of current red meat lairages and to propose effective cleaning and disinfection procedures to control the spread of pathogenic organisms.

Previous work has demonstrated the potential for pathogen transfer during the production and transport of red meat species for food.

This may be due to the lairage, stunning and roll out areas, which are not subject to strict hygiene controls, and the current protocols for operation, cleaning and disinfection which appear to be variable.

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The layouts, practices and cleaning regimes in a range of commercial abattoirs will be evaluated using a questionnaire and visits.

Microbiological tests, including those for salmonella, will be undertaken in a range of lairages and on the carcasses produced.

Best practices for cleaning/disinfection of lairage-to-stunning areas will be investigated in an experimental abattoir, followed by implementation under commercial conditions.

A successful outcome will be the provision of best practise based on sound science that can be communicated to industry.

Find more about this project and other FSA food safety-related projects at the Food Standards Agency Research webpage.

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Food Standards Agency
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