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Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases: An Interdisciplinary Conference Focused On Animal Diseases

Benfield, D. A.
Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases
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Provide a conference format that emphasizes a systems approach to the understanding, presentation and exchange of information amongst international scientists whose focus is on animal diseases and health.Provide a conference format that encourages young professionals, graduate students and post-doctoral research associates to participate in presenting data at the meeting.Contribute to the mission and goals of USDA-NIFA that displays research funded by this agency in animal diseases, health and food safety.Continue to be primary forum where the most recent advances in research on animal diseases advance the acquisition of knowledge for agriculture, the environment, human health and well- being.Provide a gathering of other animal disease focused organizations through associated satellite meetings of multi-state research and other professional groups under the CRWAD umbrella.The above goals contribute to an internatinal conference, Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseaes, that is one of the premiere conferences for the presentation of new information on various diseases of companion and agricultural animals. The conference has a primary goal of providing a forum for graduate students to present their research results through oral or poster presentations.
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National Institute of Food and Agriculture
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