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Conformance and Risk Reduction Through Food Protection Program Standards Advancement - 2020 Vision

Wood, Ginger
Northeast Texas Public Health District
Start date
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Program SummaryThe overall goal is to implement a renewed strategic action plan in 2016 develop enhancedpolicies and procedures across all standards of the VNRFRPS. These actions will be designedfor routine review and continuous improvement striving to meet or surpass the verification auditon as many of the VNRFRPS as possible by the end of Fiscal Year 2020. Specific goals andobjectives of this cooperative agreement that will be addressed over the next five years are:Program Standard 1 - Regulatory Foundation. The desired outcome of this standard is toadopt a sound, science-based regulatory foundation for the public health program and theuniform regulation of industry.Program Standard 2 - Trained Regulatory Staff A training policy and procedure will bedeveloped for consistent progression through standard 2.Program Standard 3 - Inspection Program Based on HACCP Principles. A written policywill use HACCP principles to focus on status of risk factors. A flow chart of inspectionprogression for corrective action and compliance will document where improvement is needed.Program Standard 4 - Uniform Inspection Program. A written quality assurance programwill be developed based on existing practice and refined to conform to the Standard.Program Standard 5 - Food-borne Illness and Food Defense Preparedness andResponse. Development of new Food-borne Illness and Food Defense Preparedness andResponse procedure that meets the standard.Program Standard 6 - Compliance and Enforcement. A clear and concise definition of riskfactor violations must be written in policy. This new policy will encourage long term correctiveactions for conformance and improvement in the retail food program.Program Standard 7 - Industry and Community Relations. New innovative trainingopportunities will be implemented for active managerial control conformance.Program Standard 8 - Program Support and Resources. The development of a completeequipment inventory list must be compiled for the maintenance and replacement of necessaryequipment used by the retail food program.Program Standard 9 - Program Assessment. Improvements and enhancements will assessand reduce the occurrence of food-borne illness risk factors in the Retail Food Program. Writtenprocedures will be maintained and continuously reviewed to monitor trends.
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Food and Drug Administration
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Bacterial Pathogens
Food Defense and Integrity
Natural Toxins
Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication