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Continued development of a risk-based Animal Feed Inspection Program within the NCDA&CS through continuous implementation of uniform policies that ensure Feed Safety and promote Compliance with FSMA

Ferguson, George
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Project Summary/AbstractProject Title: Continued development of a risk-based Animal Feed Inspection Program withinthe NCDA&CS through continuous implementation of uniform policies that ensure Feed Safetyand promote Compliance with FSMAProject Description: This proposal outlines the NCAFP? plan to enhance the current risk-basedAnimal Feed Inspection Program to include industry and regulator outreach, education, andtechnical assistance to industry and regulators; in addition to inspection, compliance andenforcement components. This proposal will detail the collaborations and processes toaccomplish goals under the Base AFRPS Maintenance Track and the PC for Animal Foodfunding option of this funding announcement (PAR -20 - 132).Project Goals: To maintain implementation of AFRPS and coordinate with FDA to implementbest practices for animal food regulatory work. By achieving and maintaining implementation ofthese program Standards, the NCAFP can better direct their regulatory activities towardpreventing animal food safety hazards, that can cause illness or injury to animals or humans, infacilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold animal food materials/supplies.Project Objectives: The NCAFP will achieve and maintain implementation of the AFRPS,which is recognized as a critical element to creating a national, fully integrated food safetysystem. The NCAFP further commits to contribute to the continuous improvement of the AFRPSthrough attendance at an annual face-to-face meeting, active participation in committees, andother Initiative supporting the AFRPS. This includes the development strategies for achievingand maintaining implementation of the AFRPS that can be replicated or leveraged across stateprograms to promote national consistency. To aid in further development of an Integrated FoodSafety System, the NCAFP will work to provide a foundation for supporting advisory/regulatoryaction based upon findings of regulatory activities conducted by State animal food regulatoryprograms and commits to research and coordinate with FDA to identify and implement bestpractices for State animal food regulatory work performed under the scope of 21 CFR Part 507CGMP and PC regulations, as well as other related FSMA provisions, which may beincorporated as elements for future versions of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards.
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Food and Drug Administration
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