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Control of Fusarium Graminearum Mycotoxins in Wheat, Barley, and Corn

Alexander, Nancy; Proctor, Robert; McCormick, Sheila; Desjardins, Anne
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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  1. Determine the physiological and molecular bases of production of the trichothecene toxin deoxynivalenol and of Fusarium infection in wheat head scab and corn ear rot.
  2. Determine the deoxynivalenol pathway and identify the genes that regulate production of this toxin in Fusarium graminearum.
  3. Identify novel genes for deoxynivalenol detoxification,tolerance and resistance.
  4. Develop transgenic plants with increased resistance to deoxynivalenol and disease.
More information
Use biochemical and genetic studies and field tests of transgenic fungi to determine the role of the trichothecene toxin deoxynivalenol and other factors in Fusarium graminearum infections in wheat head scab and corn ear rot. Generate and characterize Fusarium mutants and transformants altered in toxin production, sexual fertility,and virulence. Use genetic systems, mutants, transformants, gene products, genomic libraries and cDNA libraries to identify and characterize genes for toxin formation and toxin resistance. Determine regulatory mechanisms of initiation of toxin biosynthesis and control of toxin levels. Identify candidate genes for detoxification, tolerance and resistance of F. graminearum and work with collaborators to develop transgenic and evaluate transgenic germplasm and other sources of germplasm with resistance to fungal toxins. NCAUR, Peoria, IL, Rms 3106, 3108, 3110, 3112, 3114, 3116; IBC Certification BL 1-P approved 11/23/99.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Viruses and Prions
Natural Toxins