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Controlling Insects and Mycotoxins in Stored Corn Grains by Non-Toxic Phytochemicals

Yu, Jianmei
North Carolina A&T State University
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The goal of the proposed project is to control insect damage and mold growth in stored corn grains using non-toxic natural products as alternative to replace toxic fumigants, thus reducing food loss and mycotoxin accumulation during storage, and protecting human and animal health. Therefore, the proposed project will address NIFA's two important priorities: 1. Food Security and 6. Food Safety, and CAES's new research cluster: Enhancing Food Safety, Nutrition and Health.Specific objectives of this proposed integrated project are to:1) Prepare and analyze chemical composition of different essential oils (EOs), grape seed extract (GSE) and phenolic extract (PSE) to be used for the project,2) Study the impacts of single EOs, PSE and GSE on insect mortality and oviposition in the corn grains,3) Evaluate the effect of single EO, GSE and PSE on mold growth and mycotoxin production,4) Study the synergies among EOs, between EO and GSE/PSE against storage insects, molds and mycotoxins,(5) Evaluate the insecticidal and fungicidal activities of EOs and GSE/PES in naturally contaminated corn grains.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Natural Toxins
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