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Critical Review of Methodology and Application of Risk Ranking for Prioritisation of Food and Feed Related Issues, on the Basis of the Size of Anticipated Health Impact

RIKILT Institute of Food Safety
FERA - Food and Environment Research Agency
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The overall objective of the contract resulting from the present procurement procedure is to critically review suitable methodologies, tools and appropriate proposals for ranking risks for diet and health, food and feed in accordance with the ToR, in support of the implementation of a structured and transparent framework for the prioritisation of requests for scientific work of EFSA.

The final report will contain 3 main elements:
  1. an extensive literature search;
  2. clustering of approaches; and
  3. analysis of what may be adaptable for EFSA's needs, including a feasibility study for some common hazards.
Funding Source
European Food Safety Authority
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Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication
Prevention and Control