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Customized Food Safety Intervention Strategies For Hard to Reach Producers

Marshall, S.
Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
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Customized Food Safety Intervention Strategies for Hard to Reach Producers will adapt existing food safety curriculum to better meet the needs of the under-served and hard-to-reach producers -those who use sustainable and organic methods and those who are socially disadvantaged - that each organization works with. The collaboration will offer a multi-state program, reaching growers with similar practices and similar learning preferences. The project will also provide an approachable curriculum that helps remove barriers for producers by using everyday language, teaching common sense methods of understanding prevention of potential contamination, and offer resources that can assist in planning for capital improvements to meet food safety requirements and goals.This project will rely on existing trained food safety persons to work with the other partner organizations to develop a curriculum that will meet the needs of and provide adequate training for the hard-to-reach producers. For this project, these are producers who use sustainable and organic methods and those who are traditionally socially disadvantaged. Training events will be held in both classroom settings and in on-farm settings that allow for increased hands-on opportunities.This project centers around four main objectives that help reach the goal of removing barriers for producers in meeting food safety requirements.Objective 1: Using existing food safety training resources, build unique a curriculum that supports experiential, observational and kinesthetic learning styles of hard-to-reach producersObjective 2: Deliver this customized curriculum that will teach food safety intervention and control strategies to 500 producers through training events in a four-state area (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mississippi).Objective 3: Provide PSA and FSPCA certificate program options at reduced cost.Objective 4: Provide on-farm food safety materials and resources that can be put to use immediately upon completion of training and that assist with planning for funding capital infrastructure improvements.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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