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Dairy Production Systems: C, N, and P Management for Production, Profitability, and the Environment

Mohammed, Hussni
Cornell University
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Characterize and develop management practices to reduce GHG emissions and transport of nutrients, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, and VOCs from livestock production systems. This will include management of feed, manure collection, manure storage, and manure application. (Miller, Harrison, Herbert, Moriera, Miller, Powell, Rotz, Wattiaux, Hashemi) Develop science-based tools and educational materials to promote environmental stewardship on US dairy and beef industries. (Harrison, Herbert, Powell, Rotz, Westendorf, Westra)
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Our long-term objective is to ensure the soundness of the environment and address the uncertainty in the climate change while sustaining the economic viability of dairy production systems in NYS. The transport of pathogens of pathogens from livestock production systems contribute significantly to the degradation of the environment and the uncertainty associated with climate change. We are planning to carryout epidemiologic studies targeting dairy operations, both traditional and organic, to identify the zoonotic pathogens that are transported from these farms, shed light on the pathways by which they are transported, identify the factors that promote their presence and transportation, and determine the management practices that mitigate their associate risk. Knowledge developed through these studies will be incorporated in tools and educational materials and shared with the stakeholders.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication
Sanitation and Quality Standards