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Data-driven sustainable agri-food value chains

Gaia Epicheirein Anonymi Etaireia Psifiakon Ypiresion
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The Ploutos project focusses on rebalancing the value chain for the agri-food system, transforming it into one that works for the benefit of society and the environment. The project will develop a Sustainable Innovation Framework that follows a systemic approach to the agri-food sector, building on three pillars: Behavioural Innovation, Sustainable Collaborative Business Model Innovation and Data-driven Technology Innovation. Exploiting a history of significant agri-food projects and the respective ecosystems around these, the project will deploy 11 innovative systemic Sustainable Ιnnovation Pilots, where using a Multi-Actor Approach new innovative solutions and methodologies will be implemented, tested, assessed and derive practical lessons learned. The pilots cover a large range of agri-food ecosystems, across 13 countries, covering arable, horticulture (both open fields and greenhouses), perennials and dairy production among other. In each case, behaviour change, collaborative business modelling and data driven innovation will be integrated to deliver the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable solution. A Ploutos Innovation Academy will be established to as a vehicle for integrating the know-how, best practices and assessments developed across the project and derived from the Sustainable Innovation Pilots. Ploutos includes 33 partners, 23 of them being end-users, representing all relevant actors in the food system, including farmers, food industry companies, scientists, advisors, ICT specialists and policy makers.
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European Commission
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Food Defense and Integrity