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Develop and Evaluate Rapid and Sensitive Methods to Detect Mycotoxins Using Novel Sensors

Dombrink-Kurtz, Mary Ann; Maragos, Chris
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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  1. Develop methods for detection and quantitation of mycotoxins in commodities,food products, and animal tissues.
  2. Develop novel sensors for mycotoxins using rapid detection technologies and novel instrument platforms.
  3. Develop and evaluate antibodies and polymeric mimics of antibodies to mycotoxins of economic significance and of emerging importance.
  4. Develop tests for nucleotide sequences unique to toxigenic fungi.
  5. Evaluate the suitability of methods for widespread application.
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Novel biosensor platforms such as fluorescence polarization will be developed for mycotoxin assays using antibodies previously developed here. Biosensor development will emphasize the use of analytical technolgies adaptable to a wide variety of testing environments. New antibodies will be produced in order to obtain those with characteristics optimal for the biosensor formats. Antibody development will also be undertaken for mycotoxins of emerging importance, based upon the needs of our customers for rapid assays for such toxins. Polymers that bind mycotoxins will also be developed using re-organized and self-assembly approaches. The association between nucleotide sequences unique to toxigenic fungi and the toxins themselves will be assessed in order to determine the efficacy of genetic probes as presumptive tests for mycotoxin contamination. In order to verify their efficacy, methods developed under this project will be compared to established analytical techniques. BL-EXEMPT
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Agricultural Research Service
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Bacterial Pathogens