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Develop Novel Genetic Based Intervention Strategies

Luchansky, John
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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The objectives of the proposal include, but are not limited to:
  1. Defining the biosynthesis and genetic mechanisms that microorganisms utilize to become resistant to traditional food safety barriers;
  2. Exloiting functional genomics to study regulatory effects such as those involved in stress and/or resistance to antimicrobials; and
  3. Elucidating how development of resistance affects expression of toxins that may be associated with virulency and/or pathogenicity.
More information
Develop molecular methods to facilitate characterization of resistant pathogens detected in food,and facilitate tracebacks to the source (e.g. environment, manure, water,animal feed). Define physiological and or genetic mechanism that microbes utilize to become resistant to traditional food safety barriers, such as heator cold, low pH, low water activity and disinfectants. Use this information to develop prevention/intervention pathogen control strategies which delay or prevent the acquisition of resistance. Determine the mechanisms controlling gene transfer, toxin production and interventions, replication and stability. Determine and characterize the genes for biologically active compounds that have the potential to be used as antimicrobial agents in foods.
Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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Bacterial Pathogens
Natural Toxins