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Developing A Food Protection Rapid Response Team

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Virginia State Department of Health
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Indiana's Rapid Response Team - Project SummaryThe Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Program pursues this funding opportunity tobuild upon current foodborne illness response capabilities. Lessons learned from past foodborne illnessoutbreak investigations motivate this program and investigatory partners to further develop an IndianaFood Protection Rapid Response Team. Collaboration of local, state and federal public health andregulatory agencies, industry, academia and consumer advocates is critical to efficiently and effectivelyaddress food and feed emergencies. The mission of the Indiana State Department of Health is topromote and provide essential public health services, with a vision of a healthier and safer Indiana. Theagency does so with laboratory, epidemiology and food protection professionals. This fundingopportunity will aid our agency in strengthening the agency's and state's capability to prevent,investigate and mitigate food and feed emergencies through assessment, policy development andassurance activities.
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Food and Drug Administration
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