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Development and Evaluation of Improved Materials for Mycotoxin Analysis

Maragos, Chris; Kendra, David; Appell, Michael
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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  1. Develop novel synthetic and biologically-based materials for binding mycotoxins, including molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPS) and antibodies.
  2. Design and synthesis of toxin analogs for use as templates in polymer formation and as intermediates in antibody production.
  3. Evaluation of mycotoxin binding materials as components in traditional and novel mycotoxin assays.
  4. Development of analytical methods for enhanced food security.
More information
Preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPS) using synthetic chemical approaches. Improvement of the properties of existing mycotoxin-binding materials through synthetic modifications. Use computational chemistry to model the interaction between functional monomers and mycotoxins or analogs. Produce antibodies against mycotoxins for which antibodies are not available. Develop antibodies for use in novel analytical formats where existing antibodies are insufficient, and for use in determining molecular interactions between toxin and antibody. Design and synthesis of templates in MIP synthesis and as intermediates for conjugates in antibody production. Evaluate novel binding materials (MIPS, antibodies, etc) for use as components of mycotoxin assays in traditional and novel formats. Develop analytical methods for detection of mycotoxins in animal tissues and fluids considered potential targets for food tampering.
Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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Food Defense and Integrity