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Development and Evaluation of Use of Atoxigenic Strains to Prevent Aflatoxin contamination

Cotty, Peter
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Start date
End date
  1. To compile information and perform experiments required by EPA; meet pesticide labeling requirements and perform EPA-required safety testing (i.e., toxicology work).
  2. To continue to assess benefits of atoxigenic strain applications to individual grower communities on single and multiple year basis.
  3. Develop agronomic practices optimal for aflatoxin reduction.
More information
This project is designed to test the use of a non-toxic competitive strain of Aspergillus flavus in commercial fields. Treated fields will be tested for toxin and for changes to the Aspergillus flavus community. The process will be evaluated for field safety and application techniques will be optimized. If successful, in-the-field safe manufacturing practices will be developed and submitted to the EPA for approval. Approximately 17,000 acres of commercial cotton were treated in 2002. Tests will be performed on a portion of this acreage. Manufacturing procedures useful to grower cooperatives and grower-run organizations will be developed. The impact of various agronomic practices on efficacy will be assessed.
Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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Natural Toxins