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Development and Validation of an HPLC Method for Measurement of Class III Caramels in Foods

Leatherhead Food International
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An existing HPLC method will be used together with a range of newly obtained commercial grade Class III caramels to determine the size and identify the marker compound for this additive. The HPLC method will then be adjusted in order to optimise the mass spectrum for the marker peak. Two meat-based products and two baked products containing caramel Class III and products without added caramels will be prepared. An HPLC analysis of the prepared products will be carried out followed by an investigation of the effect of several factors on extraction efficiency and recovery of Class III caramels from problem foods. An internal validation of the method will be followed by an independent validation of the quantitative HPLC method.
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Each member state has a legal requirement to monitor consumption and usage of food additives. A recent EC report recommended that intake estimates for some additives, including caramels should be carried out using actual consumption data. Therefore to monitor the intake of E150c in human diet, and to assist enforcement, reliable and validated methods are required to quantify levels of Class III caramels permitted in food. The key objective is to develop an improved HPLC method based on existing extraction procedures. Using mass spectrometry as a detection tool in addition to UV will strengthen the existing technology.

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Food Standards Agency
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