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Development and Validation of Standard Operating Procedures for Measuring Microbial Populations for Estimating a Postmortem Interval

Crippen, Tawni
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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To determine the practicality and usability of biochemical analysis and pyrosequencing technologies for determining bacterial succession on decomposing remains (e.g. animal carcasses, waste management). We will validate the standard operating procedures for sampling and analyzing microbe populations, as it relates to animal production and consequently food safety.
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Approach: Use molecular methods to characterize microbial succession and assess microbial–arthropod interactions for understanding insect arrival sequence, utilization, and relevant bacterial dispersal potential; assess arthropod influence on microbial communities and microbial mediation of arthropod behavior on decomposing resources. These techniques will help assess the influence of microbial communities on decomposing carcasses and the effect of waste management practices in food animal production.
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Agricultural Research Service
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