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Development of a harmonized method for sequencing Listeria monocytogenes on iSeq

Wang, Anthony; Maddox, Carol W.
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
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Project AbstractThe University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UI VDL) is equipped with different platformsof sequencers including iSeq for whole genome sequencing (WGS). Compared with other larger WGSsequencer, iSeq has a relatively quicker turnaround time and higher affordability. Therefore, this platformfits well needs of veterinary diagnostic laboratories for outbreak investigation of pet foods contaminatedwith bacteria. To increase the WGS testing capability of Vet-LIRN network laboratories, this study willpropose development of a harmonized method for sequencing Listeria monocytogenes on iSeq. Once allparticipating laboratories finish sequencing of all samples, a generic SOP will be developed and then canbe used by any VET-LIRN network laboratory for case investigations, which eventually increases Vet-LIRN network test capacity.
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Food and Drug Administration
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Bacterial Pathogens