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Disinfest Lettuce of Insects through Postharvest Treatments and Pre-Harvest IPM

Liu, Yong
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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Export of US lettuce is often found to be infested with quarantined pests and subjected to methyl bromide fumigation that in turns injures lettuce and makes lettuce unsalable. This project aims to develop alternative lettuce-friendly postharvest quarantine treatments based on vacuum and controlled atmospheres to disinfest lettuce of insects.
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APPROACH: Postharvest treatments based vacuum, controlled atmospheres, and combinations of vacuum and controlled atmospheres will be explored and tested for effects on major lettuce pests including aphids, leafminers, and thrips at different temperatures. Insecticidal treatments will also be evaluated for impact on quality and shelf-life of lettuce cultivars. Further studies will be conducted to determine variations among different lettuce types and cultivars for susceptibility to CO2 that is used in controlled atmosphere treatments and to identify CO2 tolerant cultivars.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Chemical Contaminants