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Distance Delivery of Food Safety, Food Preparation, and Nutrition Information in Alaska

Dinstel, Roxie
University of Alaska
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Alaska Cooperative Extension Service (CES) proposes to develop a video conferencing network to deliver home economics educational programming to rural communities. Programming will be in food safety, preparation, and nutrition. The programming will build upon CES experience in food preservation and preparation, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education programming, and food safety. The organization has extensive experience delivering home economics programming through workshops and in printed publications. Radio and television have also been used as media to deliver programming. The challenge facing CES is the states large size and widely dispersed nature of its rural populations. Video conferencing has the capability to place a virtual extension Educator in sites that may not be able to regularly receive home economics programming in food safety, preparation, and nutrition. Besides delivering live broadcasts of home economics programming, the project will produce digital video files that will be edited into a library of learning modules for rebroadcast and as streaming video materials accessible via CES website.
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Alaska Cooperative Extension will develop a two-way interactive videoconferencing network to deliver home economics programs to field sites that serve rural and underserved communities. The organization will also develop a library of digital audio-visual home economics programming that can be delivered over the video conferencing network and be available as web streaming files accessible to anyone with Internet access and the appropriate web-based equipment and software. These two telecommunications will enable CES to more effectively deliver important food safety, food preparation, and nutrition information to people living in rural and underserved Alaskan communities.The two-way interactive video equipment will be placed at five field offices located at regional hubs that serve Nome, Bethel, Soldotna, Delta Junction, and Palmer regions. A sixth site will be located at CES' state office to facilitate the delivery of programming to the field sites. The availability of videoconferencing equipment at CES' field offices will facilitate better communication between field staff and specialists and be a useful tool for delivering professional development training to home economics field staff. The food safety, food preparation, and nutrition modules will build on programming developed by CES home economists and EFNEP nutrition educators. The content of the modules will focus on food safety, food preparation, and nutrition issues unique to Alaska's population, including Native Alaskans; its indigenous foodstuffs (e.g. wild berries and game meat); and the natural environment.

The challenge for Alaskas CES staff is to reach a widely dispersed population over a large geographic area. This project uses videoconferencing, webcast, and a library of digital audio visual files to deliver food safety, preparation, and nutrition information to rural areas of Alaska.

PROGRESS: 2004/01 TO 2004/12
We are developing a contract with the Center for Distance Education to develop learning modules in a variety of forms: video, webcast, publications, and CDs. The equipment needs are being evaluated and coordinated with the prior Food Product Development grant.

IMPACT: 2004/01 TO 2004/12
A partnership has evolved between the researcher and the Center for Distance Education to develop learning modules. These processes can be applied in other discipline areas and projects.

PUBLICATIONS: 2004/01 TO 2004/12
No publications reported this period

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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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