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E-MENSA - E-Platform Technologies for the European Agro-Food Supply Chain

Prugger, Raffaello; Ferro, Angelo
Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A.
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In order to respond to consumer expectations, new approaches to supply chain safety and quality assurances are needed. This specific support action is based on the assumption that solutions to food chain problems are to be searched in improved supply chain management infrastructures.

The proposed project aims at establishing a technology platform for supporting development of supply chain electronic platforms (e-platforms) in agro-food through multi-stakeholder trans-national working groups in order to explore consensus across players/academia on technological strategies, to prepare for future research activities, to support policy development at EU level and to contribute to identifying research agendas for future community research.

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The issue will be addressed from the scientific, technological, economic, organisational, regulative, ethical and legislative point of view. In order to achieve the objectives, the project will implement a plan which combines three different blocks of work:
  • Preliminary studies acquiring technological, economic and organisational elements for the most effective structuring of the key issues to be discussed in the subsequent focus groups.
  • Multi-stakeholders and trans-national discussion platforms organised in two structured rounds. The first round is aimed at identifying shared technological approaches involving academic experts and food-chain players. The second comprises multi-disciplinary experts and stakeholders and is driven to the evaluation of the technological approaches proposed.
  • Dissemination of technological strategies, research agendas, potential advantages concerning food supply chain e-platforms to consumer, business, scientific and policy-makers communities for promoting and gathering consensus and involvement.
The result will be a durable pan-European technology platform of academia, industry and consumers for a continuous knowledge-based exchange also beyond project duration.

For more information about this project, please visit the European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe Web site.

Funding Source
European Commission
Project number
Food Defense and Integrity