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EMIDA - Coordination of European Research on Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Livestock

Morrow, Alexander
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK
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The disease threats to the livestock industry have increased steadily over the past decades as a result of globalisation, evolving pathogens and climate change. Responding to animal disease threats relies heavily on science; research makes a significant contribution to the development of disease control policy and the translation of policy, and other drivers for improving animal health, into practical effect. Although the legislation that underpins policy for the control of statutory diseases is determined at the EU level, the research that supports policy development and implementation is primarily carried out at the national level and is largely uncoordinated as is the research on other major infectious diseases currently affecting livestock production.

The aim of the Animal Health ERA-NET is to build on and accelerate the work of the SCAR CWG in developing a durable focused network of national research founders in Member and Associated States of the EU for the purpose of sharing information, coordinating activities and working towards a common research agenda and mutual research funding activities in the field of animal health. The scope of the project will include emerging and major infectious diseases of production animals, including fish and bees and including those conditions which pose a threat to human health but excluding food safety issues relating to livestock products and diseases of wildlife except where they act as reservoirs of infection for humans or production animals.

The objectives of the ERA-NET will be delivered through the following four workpackages:

WP1. Project coordination, management, communication and dissemination;

WP2. Mapping and analysis of existing research and current needs and information on the commissioning and management of joint programmes;

WP3. Develop, test, evaluate and refine instruments (Pilots) and

WP4. Developing a strategic trans-national animal health research agenda.

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Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)
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European Commission
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Bacterial Pathogens
Legislation and Regulations
Natural Toxins
Viruses and Prions
Chemical Contaminants
Policy and Planning