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Engineering Of Bacteriophages For Isolation, Concentration, And Detection Of Salmonella In Agricultural Water

Duong, Michelle
Cornell University
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This project has 2 major goals; an educational training goal and a research experimental goal. The first goal is to support graduate education and related disciplines. More specifically, it provides support to cultivate leaders to address and solve emerging agricultural challenges. The secondgoal of this research proposal is to reduce the occurrence of foodborne illness throughtechnological innovation in pathogen detection platforms. By aiming to create a new bacterial pathogen detection platform, we hope to mitigate the spread of harmful bacteria in the food system. We hypothesize that by using bacteriophagesas a biorecognition factor,we can engineer an inexpensive, qualitative, and rapidly acting diagnostic tool for pathogen detection.
Funding Source
Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Education and Training
Bacterial Pathogens
Predictive Microbiology