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Enriching the Professional Preparation of Food Science Students

Dawson, Paul
Clemson University
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The objective of the project is to enrich the professional preparation of food science students through experiential learning, internships, and an enhanced emphasis on core competencies for the workplace or advanced graduate study. The emphasis on Extension and research activities within the curriculum/co-curriculum will not only engage undergraduates, but also allows for mentorship of students by faculty, together with Extension faculty, government agents, community members, industry partners, and other stakeholders. All students in the Food Science and Technology concentration at Clemson University will be impacted. The Department currently confers 20-25 B.S. degrees per year in the concentration, but is prepared to grow. We believe that the activities described in this grant proposal are excellent forms of holistic student development and that the project will help to address the projected shortfalls of qualified graduates in the industry.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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