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Epidemiological Assessment of Mycobaterium Avium subsp. Paratuberculosis (MAP) in Target Munster Herds

Queen's University - Belfast
University College Dublin
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In the course of a survey of in–line milk filters from dairy farms in County Cork (safefood project: 00–RESR–046), a number of herds were identified as potentially infected by MAP, despite the fact that these herds had no history of Johne's disease. Further research was commissioned by safefood to carry out a follow–up veterinary investigation of the suspected MAP–positive herds.

The objectives of this research were:

  • Validate the use of milk filters as a cost–effective, reliable method for screening dairy herds for the presence of MAP
  • Identify the critical risk factors for the potential of MAP infection to spread between and within herds on milk production holdings by testing milk filters, bulk tank milk, bloods from individual animals, water sources and rabbit faeces from the suspect farms
  • Recommend practical control measures to the farmers concerned in relation to herd health, herd management, hygiene practices and environmental standards
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Bacterial Pathogens
Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication
Meat, Poultry, Game