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Epidemiological Studies of Salmonella in Pigs and Control by Intervention

Veterinary Laboratories Agency, UK
Start date
End date
  1. To carry out a national cross-sectional survey of finishing pig farms for salmonella with the aims of:
    • estimating the prevalence of salmonella herd infection in finishing pig herds in England and Wales;
    • identifying risk factors associated with herd infection.
  2. To design a salmonella control strategy for use in finishing pig farms.
  3. To evaluate the developed control strategy in an intervention trial and analyse the economics of intervention.
  4. To continue longitudinal studies on 23 farms followed for 3-5 years to assess the potential of pig farms as a long-term reservoir of S. typhimurium DT104 and related strains.
  5. To continue to work with pig breeders in evaluation of new salmonella control measures.
Policy relevance:
  • Increasing attention on national control measures for salmonella in pig meat production in EU and USA.
  • Revised Zoonoses Directive (92/117/EEC) setting targets for the control of salmonella in pig herds.
  • Presence of multiple resistant S. typhimurium DT104 and related strains in UK pig herds.
  • Potential zoonotic and international trade implications of multiple resistant salmonellas.
Intended use of results:
  • Design of improved control measures for salmonella in UK pig industry.
Funding Source
Dept. for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Project number
Prevention and Control
Policy and Planning