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Expanding Capacity and Instructional Capabilities of the Food Science, Culinology, and Plant Science Programs at California State University

Ferris, Dennis
California State University - Fresno
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The goal of the proposed project is to improve the instructional capacity and capabilities of the Integrated Food Science, Culinology, and Plant Science programs.

The specific objectives are to acquire modern up-to-date food science/food processing equipment and to deliver scientific training and using a modern, fully-equipped facility that meets or exceeds food industry standards for a safe and efficient post-harvest food processing laboratory.

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Non-Technical Summary:
Food production and food processing plants are an essential agri-business that has experienced significant growth in the San Joaquin Valley bioregion. As a result, the food processing industry is experiencing great difficulties in finding qualified personnel to man these value-added facilities. California State University, Fresno serves this bioregion and has academic programs in place (Food Science and Nutrition, Plant Science) that can help to minimize or eliminate these shortages. The project's impact will be measured by the improvement in student learning through laboratory exercises and studnet projects and the ability to recruit and retain students. Funding will strengthen the aiblity of California State University, Fresno to carry out education through more efective laboratory exercies, use applied research to more fully develop faculty in effective energy usage and other techniques at the university, increase the number, quality, and diversity of graduates entering the workforce, and increase the opportunities for outreach.

Approach:>br/> State-of-the-art equipment will be purchased, installed, and tested. This new facility will be utilized by up to 14 courses to carry out laboratory exercises and student projects. It will also be used to carry out applied research in a safe and secure environment using lower energy methods for the disciplines and for the food processing industry. Successful implementation of the project will provide new educational opporutnities in experiential, problem-solving, and team oriented learning; significantly improve instructional capacity for the Food Science and Plant Science Departments, enable the faculty to deliver parallel training in food and plant sciences that emphasize decision making and team building techniques, provide hands-on, real world experience with equipment that are in current use in the food processing industry; and attract and retain a wide range of diverse students.

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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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