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Expansion of Training and Program Components to Maintain Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards

Stratton, Linda
Washington State Department of Agriculture
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PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACTThe project ?Expansion of Training and Program Components to Maintain ManufacturedFood Regulatory Program Standards? is designed to further advance the manufacturedfood program in the State of Wyoming. Wyoming Department of Agriculture, ConsumerHealth Services (WDA/CHS) has made great strides in improving the manufacturedfood program statewide with the assistance of the Manufactured Food RegulatoryProgram Standards (MFRPS). In October 2017 WDA/CHS was elated to learn thatafter the 60 month Program Assessment Validation Audit (PAVA) the program was inconformance with the MFRPS. WDA/CHS takes great pride in providing a qualityprogram for our inspection personnel and industry to be part of. This project willaddress four (4) goals. The first goal is to adequately train our inspection personnel andcontinue to meet MFPRS requirements. This training will equip inspection personnelwith the knowledge and ability to conduct quality inspections and further advanceWDA/CHS to be part of an Integrated Food Safety System. The training received willalso be used to provide education to industry. The second goal of this project is forWDA/CHS to continue to show incredible growth in outreach to our clientele. Throughthis project WDA/CHS will develop and produce a guide for Manufactured Foodprocessors addressing 21 CFR 117 and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)regulations and publish the Wyoming Food Safety Rule revision. This project includesoutreach to establishments required to have a Preventative Controls Qualified Individualby providing FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Food Training. The third goal ofthis project is to adequately equip our inspection personnel to complete the inspections.Additionally, WDA/CHS plans to expand our routine sampling program. All of the goalslisted above are incorporated into the final goal of this project, which is to advance themanufactured food program and continue to conform to the MFRPS.
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Food and Drug Administration
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